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A Few Words About Our Recordings

BettySoo and Doug recorded their first album together, Lie to Me, on a small island off the coast of another bigger island, off the coast of western Canada. There, a boatride away from the closest gas station or grocery store, they laid down ten songs in a couple days with renowned folk legend David Essig. There, they mercilessly abused David (and wife Milena's) hospitality, downed copious amounts of the best fish and chips this side of the Atlantic (thanks, Dinghy Dock), and enjoyed some of their favorite musical moments of the winter with great company.

Most of these tracks were recorded live off the floor, with Doug and BettySoo performing guitar, Dobro, and singing all live together - which leaves little room for correction or "messing around with." These are technical terms, we know, but we think you can follow along. So while there may be moments of technical imperfection, we think it's a darn good listen, and we hope it has the life and body and soul that those days on Protection Island lent to the experience.

Their second album, More Lies, was recorded in much the same way -- fast, live, and raw -- but the recording was split between two very short sessions: one in Canada (in Vancouver, BC, at the Hen House with Steve Dawson) and one in the U.S. (in Austin, TX, at the Congress House with Mark Hallman). In addition to the ten songs recorded with these excellent engineers, one early demo snuck its way into the record: Angel Eyes. BettySoo's guitar part was recorded by Neale Eckstein at Fox Run in Framingham, MA when the duo was just getting started. Doug recorded his vocal and Dobro part at his own studio, The Closet, in Cumberland, BC.